SMS Services in Pakistan Every Citizen Should Know

There are several things we can do with SMS that we don’t know of, so, here is a list of SMS services in Pakistan that everyone should know
SMS Service in Pakistan

Imagine going to NADRA or Pakistan passport office just to check the status of your CNIC or passport in the scorching heat? Or visiting FBR’s website for checking your name in the active tax payer’s list on a mobile browser? Being annoyed by spammers but you feel hopeless?

Did you know that you can check your CNIC and passport processing status from your home by using a very simple SMS service? Did you know that you can report spammers to PTA by sending a single SMS? Below we have complied similar SMS services in Pakistan that you can avail. These are very handy and save you a lot of time and money.

Check SIMs Registered Against Your CNIC

To check the number of all the SIM cards registered against your CNIC in Pakistan, type your CNIC number (without dashes) in a message and send it to 668. This service is free of charge and lets you know the number of all the data as well as telephony SIMS registered against your CNIC.

As per current Pakistani law, a person can have a maximum of three data as well as five telephony sims registered against his/her CNIC. If the text message shows a sim that you are not aware of, you can visit concerned service center and ask for corrective measures.

Check SIM Registration of Current Number

If you want to check the registration details of your SIM card, type MNP in a text message and send it to 667. This service will cost as per your operator charges if you are not subscribed to an SMS plan and you will get a text message showing your mobile number, registration details such as name, CNIC, activation date and connection type i.e. prepaid or postpaid.

This service is primarily used for changing your network to other networks, however as long as you don’t forward the text received from 667 to any number, you are safe.

Check Status of Active Tax Payer’s List

For checking your current status in Pakistan’s FBR’s active tax payer’s list i.e. to check if you are a tax filer or non-filer, type ATL(space)CNIC number (without dashes) and send it to 9966. In reply you will get a text message from FBR, it will contain your name, CNIC and ATL Status as active or inactive.

Once again, if you are not subscribed to an SMS plan, operator’s SMS charges may apply.

Report Spam to PTA

If a number is constantly sending you spam messages, you can report it to PTA.

Simply type the spammer’s number (space) the spam message you are receiving and send it to 9000. This service is charged at 10 paisas + tax per SMS. PTA will take appropriate action after verification of records.

Check Phone IMEI

For checking the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number of your phone, dial *#06# and IMEI number will appear on your screen. You can check your phone’s IMEI number on PTA’s website or to check the validity of your phone.

New Currency Notes on Eid-ul-Fitr

Every ramadan, state bank of Pakistan offers citizens a chance to get new currency notes for the even of Eid-ul-Fitr. And, for this, a list of approved branches are authorised on State Bank’s website along with codes. All you need to do is, find your nearest branch and subscribe to get your fresh notes.

Simply type your CNIC(space)branch code and send SMS to 8877.

This SMS will cost you Rs. 1.5 + tax and you will get a code along with a date to get the new currency notes from your preferred branch. You then visit the branch on the specified date along with a copy of your CNIC and get the fresh cash.

Block Telemarketing SMS

To block telemarketing communication, simply register your number on the Do Not Call Register (DNCR). For this, type REG and send the SMS to 3627.

If you want to later unsubscribe type UNREG and send to the same number. This is a service by PTA.

Block Network Promos

You can block promotional SMS that are sent by all the networks in Pakistan. This is not an SMS service but more of a calling service. The result is that you won’t get harassed by your network’s constant promos.

  • Block promotional SMS for Zong, visit Zong’s Special Page
  • Block promotional SMS for Ufone, dial 25625
  • Block promotional SMS for Telenor, you sadly need to call their helpline 345
  • Block promotional SMS for Jazz, send a blank SMS to 3627
  • Block promotional SMS for Warid, write Stop and send SMS to 5656 or 7726

Check Passport Status

If you have applied for a passport and want to know its status, you can type your 11 digit token number in an SMS and send it to 9988.

You will be updated instantly about the whereabouts of your passport; is it in process, or shipped to passport office, or if there is any issue etc. If you don’t have an active SMS plan, operator charges may apply.

Check CNIC Verification

Citizen verification service is offered by NADRA, this service enables you to verify your own status in NADRA database.

SMS you CNIC (without dashes) in a message and send it to 7000. If your CNIC is not blocked by NADRA, you will get your name and father name in the reply text.

Once again, SMS charges may apply if you are not subscribed to a plan.

Check Name in Voters List

Offered by NADRA, to offer you insight regarding your voter details as registered with election commission of Pakistan.

Simply SMS your CNIC (without dashes) and send it to 8300. SMS charges may apply if you are not subscribed to an SMS plan.

Verify Family Tree

To check & verify your family tree, NADRA offers an SMS based service in Pakistan.

Send your CNIC in a message to 8008. In reply text, you will get the names of all the persons registered in your family in NADRA records.

SMS charges may apply if you are not subscribed to  plan.

Track CNIC Application Status

If you have applied for a CNIC or national identity card for overseas Pakistanis, you can check the card’s status by typing the 12 digit tracking ID in a message and sending it to 8400.

In reply text, you will get the status update of your application.

Check Network

Wondering how to check the network of any number? Write N(space)03xx1234567 and send SMS to 76367

Verify SIM Biometrics

All network operators have a facility to display the numbers which have been bio-metrically verified. If you wish to find out if your SIM has done its metric in bio 🙂 then please proceed to see how you can find this information.

  • Mobilink customers may send CNIC in SMS to 6001.
  • Telenor customers, please send a blank SMS to7751.
  • Zong customers, kindly type V in an SMS and send it to 7911.
  • Ufone customers, confirm the status dialing *336#.
  • Warid customers, send CNIC to 789.

That’s our list for now. We are positive that there are more, so let us know in the comments below if you know about any other SMS service which helps citizens of our country. Also, just so you know, we plan to update this list as we come across more useful self-services.

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