5 Mobile Wallets in Pakistan

Mobile wallet is meant to help you make quick transactions but each has a different set of perks. Here is a nifty round-up of the 5 mobile wallets in Pakistan
mobile wallets in pakistan

Technology has revolutionized almost every aspect of life and same is the case with payment processing. We, in Pakistan have 5 mobile wallets which help people transfer money and make quick payments.

Today we are going to list out these 5 mobile wallets in Pakistan along with their perks and how to open them. So, without any further ado, let’s figure out which mobile wallet suits you the most!

Keenu Wallet

Keenu wallet is a one-shop-stop for delivering comprehensive, end-to-end enterprise solutions and electronic payments for all its customers. The services being offered by Keenu mobile wallet are diverse in nature. It aims to facilitate all kinds of monetary transactions ranging from banks to individual customers, telcos and merchants. With its mobile application, you can directly deposit, make payments and even load money via bank account.

How to Register Your Account of Keenu Wallet

All you need is your SIM number to open up an account and an android or iOS application. Simply download the app, then register and verify to start using.

Your Perks

  • Send/Receive Money locally.
  • Upload Money via Bank, Cards & Cash for purchasing
  • Online Shopping From Any E-Commerce Portal.
  • Utility Bill Payments.
  • Scan & Pay at stores.
  • Buy Prepaid Mobile Vouchers.
  • Buy Prepaid Cards of Netflix, Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation, iTunes, Skype, Google Play Store and more.
  • Cash Back offers.

SimSim Wallet

SimSim Wallet is a distinguished mobile wallet which offers free payment transactions from one account to another via its android or iOS application.

How to Register a SimSim Account

Just download and install the app  and fill up the registration form. Be warned, to be fully registered, you need to verify yourself as a citizen of Pakistan and this means giving personal information for verification.

Your Perks

  • Make payment Via QR Codes
  • Buy Mobile Vouchers
  • Add money via IBFT, ATMs, Omni Agents and more
  • Send money to any bank account, SimSim user, mobile number, donations, and other FINCA accounts in Pakistan.
  • Buy Airline, Bus, Movie & Event tickets
  • Utility Bills Payment.
  • Buy Netflix, iTunes, Skype, Steam, Facebook and many more.
  • Receive Money from Abroad.

For a price of PKR 290, you can order a debit card which can be used for cash withdrawal at 1 Link ATMs and Finca bank branches around the country.

You can read our full guide about SimSim Wallet


PayMax is a joint venture between Askari Bank Limited and Zong Telecommunication.

How to Open a PayMax Account

The only requirement for opening PayMax account is a bio-metrically verified SIM. Having said that, you can register your account via their mobile app of Zong outlet.

Your Perks

  • Utility Bill Payment.
  • Mobile Top-ups.
  • Cash and IBFT Deposits via Askari Bank.
  • Retail Payments.
  • Cash Withdrawals.
  • No Taxes if transactions are made to/from Askari Bank to PayMax or vice versa.


EasyPaisa is crowned with the title of being the very first online mobile wallet to be introduced in Pakistan. It is one of the most robust, agile and swift online wallets which cater to almost all your basic financial issues.

You don’t need to be a Telenor user nor do you require a smartphone for come onboard EasyPaisa, but the support team is unintelligent and never up to date with what their service offers, so if you face a hiccup, you are in for a hefty back and forth.

How to Open an EasyPaisa Account

If you are a Telenor subscriber, just dial *786# and follow the instructions. For those who are non-Telenor subscribers, send “EP<space>ID Card Number” to 0345-111-3737. Subscribers will get a reply SMS from 3737 which will confirm your EasyPaisa account.

Another method is to visit any EasyPaisa retail shop and have your account registered from there. 4th and last method is to download their app to register and verify.

Your Perks

  • Cashback facility.
  • Utility Bill Payments.
  • Money Transfers via Mobile Wallet, CNIC, Bank Account & Tohfa.
  • Handset Financing.
  • Pay Donations.
  • Load Careem & Daraz Wallet.
  • Card Management
  • Prepaid and Postpaid Topup
  • International Remittance
  • Bank deposits via Telenor Microfinance Bank
  • Ticket Purchase
  • Other payments like fee chalan, loan payment, till, ticketing, corporate


JazzCash is another promising online mobile wallet introduced by Mobilink. The services it offers are similar to others listed here. JazzCash is backed up by the Mobilink Microfinance Bank.

Though there are some glitches in their apps which often agonizes the user but still, it’s worth using especially now that JazzCash has partnered with Payoneer.

How to Open a JazzCash Account

You can open JazzCash account by dialling *786# from your Jazz or Warid number. Or you download their app to register and verify using your mobile number.

Your Perks

  • Send & Receive money via CNIC, JazzCash Wallet, Bank Account.
  • Loan Payments.
  • Utility Bill Payments
  • Prepaid and Postpaid Mobile Topup
  • Retail Purchases
  • Education & Govt payments
  • Employee Payments
  • Payoneer Instant Withdrawal

You can also apply for a VISA debit card by JazzCash for a one-time fee of PKR 599/- and also look at other charges Jazz deducts.

To load money while sitting at home, use IBFT to transfer funds into Mobilink Microfinance Bank LTD and use your JazzCash registered number as your account number. Simple.

Final Word

What one mobile wallet has, another may not, which is why we recommend keeping more than one service on your phone so you have an array of payment processing options at your fingertips.

Which mobile wallet do you use?



  1. Great! very informative article, Pakistan is an emerging industry in online shopping and this is where ewallets will be most beniicial, most of the things are very unknown to customers like payment method and delivery time, Thanks for sharing, it will definitely help to boost online sales in Pakistan. One more website is kuickpay which I found very useful, I can pay my daughter school fee from it. Cheers!

  2. I tried all of ’em, but trust me Easypaisa is currently the best, it’s easy to use and it’s daily cashback campaign is Awesome as of right now…

    I recommend anyone to use Easypaisa.

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