About TechVise Pakistan

TechVise Pakistan is the go to resource for Pakistanis on the web for tips, tricks, reviews, features and how to guides to make your life with gadgets, apps & services easier. The website caters to everyone and anyone looking to get more out of the ever-changing trends in technology.

Our focus is to inform and tell everyone on how to use technology enhanced services to resolve everyday problems. Technology doesn’t have to complicate our lives but simplify it once used the right way..


The layout of the website is divided into four primary categories: features, guides, reviews (of devices, apps, online services) and gift guides.


TechVise has successfully published some of the best list posts across the web that serve the masses who are looking for solutions into online shopping from outside the US, payment methods, privacy and other helpful bits that everyone else just takes for granted.

How To Guides

TechVise Pakistan strives to publish useful guides in easy steps so any person who comes looking for a solution can follow it. The idea is not only to just resolve the standing problem but to also explain how they landed into the issue in the first place.


TechVise covers reviews of apps, smartphones, tablet devices, smartwatches, online services and tools. To make these reviews authentic, the writer first tries the item in question and then tests it fully before penning his views down. These reviews cover functionality, cost, technical specs and usability of the device, app or service under review. All reviews are placed in the ”reviews” section of TechVise where tons of others are added every month to its content stream.

Gift Guides (launching soon)

Gift guides not only brings unique ideas to people who are looking to buy gifts but at TechVise we also bring forth the most useful and cost-effective tech gadgets to highlight what other websites may not have heard of.

Our Authors & Contributors

Our authors & contributors love technology and genuinely enjoy helping people out with their problems. Here is a list of amazing people who are part of TechVise Pakistan.