3 Best Ways of Reporting Scams in Pakistan Quickly

Reporting scams in Pakistan is easy. You either submit complains to FIA, PTA or Mohtasib – and if its a social media thing, ah well – read the blog!
Best Ways of Reporting Scams in Pakistan Quickly

Reporting scams is your duty if you or your family is benefiting from online shopping facilities.

This doesn’t mean only Pakistani stores, but generally if you buy things online and find fraud or scam, you report it so the next person doesn’t fall prey to deception.

There’s no denying that online scams have found their way into our lives, prying on unsuspecting individuals, ready to pounce any minute and often leaving a trail of deceit in their wake. And unfortunately, these scams don’t differentiate between their targets’ socioeconomic backgrounds or ages.

You could be a grandpa and some fake accent lady will scam you into applying slime somewhere, where you should not. Or you could be a gamer and a server on Discord will reel you into sending money for a game purchase or boost.

In this article, we’re diving into the world of practical initiatives of reporting scams that will help you outsmart these menaces. Let’s begin.

Educating and Empowering Others

With the rampant spread of online scams lurking on every corner, you can never underestimate the power of spreading the word about fraud and how to tackle them.

Picture this: sitting with your loved ones over a cup of coffee, and the topic of online scams pops up. Everyone starts sharing their experiences or stories they’ve heard of, and now everyone’s up to date with the latest tactics being used and equipped with tips to become more vigilant.

Plenty of government institutes in Pakistan are fighting at the forefront against online scams. These include the National Response Centre for Cybercrime, the Federal Investigation Agency, the Consumer Rights Commission of Pakistan and Wafaqi Mohtasib, to name a few.

Spread the word about the work they do, and consider donating to their cause or volunteering. No effort goes to waste!

Reporting Scams & Frauds

Calls, Text, Cyberstalking and Phone Tax etc

Now while these tips are great practice, what happens when you do fall for an online scam?

If you feel like you’ve been victimized by a scammer on call or via text, you must first report the scam number to your service provider to get it blocked.

If you don’t receive a response from your service provider within 24 hours, you can resort to reporting the number to PTA by contacting them at 0800-55055 or visiting them on their website https://complaint.pta.gov.pk/RegisterComplaint.

This will result in the blockage of the scam number and mobile device IMEI, thereby blocklisting their CNIC from issuing a new SIM.

Reporting Scams of Banks

In case of a fraudulent financial or banking transaction, report to the State Bank of Pakistan by sending an email to [email protected].

There is Banking Mohtasib as well – HBL is very scared of them, I wonder why.

We wrote on how to file a complaint against a bank, their policy, their handling of you as a customer etc. in our special guide to Banking Mohtasib

They’ll require you to be as detailed as possible; this includes explaining the nature of the fraud, any evidence or documentation to back up your claim and contact information. Once your complaint has been reviewed (this can take some time, and you may want to send a follow-up email after an appropriate time frame), action will be taken.

Pro tip: Reporting scams and fraudulent activities immediately ensure a timely response. For further investigation, you can contact the FIA helpline on 051 9106384.


Reporting Scams

This is a fantastic place of complaint especially if you want to complain about PTA or even State Bank for that matter… yes, so details are all here in the article How to Complain on Mohtasib

They take complains seriously, I have successfully dragged K-Electric, KW&SB, and PTA to them personally. Complaints against Stormfiber, Meezan Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, PTCL all magically vanish once the name of Mohtasib is uttered.

Mohtasib is great for reporting scams of a personal nature – say someone promises to launch a book with your professional credentials for company marketing destribution, takes money from you and then disappears… well you can speak to FIA sure, but Mohtasib is the one who will come to the rescue.

Reporting Scams of Social Media

Online Ads which clutter our Facebook and Instgram feed, once you detect a problem – you have to report scam to the platform first.

Next, depending if the scam is via Daraz or FoodPanda – you have to complain it via their app. However if the scam is done by a local Pakistani brand which is very unknown, best is to oust them via social media platforms and via FIA – The Crime Portal. Excuse their vague attempt – but all shopping related frauds come under Economic Crime and their tiny pop-up of email and contact info is I’m afraid all you have to launch an official complaint.

Extra Pro Tip: Never use debit card to buy anything. Use a credit card, so the card company can lock the sale. Use cash on Delivery till you are satified with the level of service offered. Use virtual prepaid cards from SadaPay or NayaPay – if you must use a debit card.


Because they can be frozen.

Online fraud doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, so it’s important to take proactive measures and get to reporting scams ASAP so you can help a naive & innocent person.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this; please share them in the comments below!

Safe surfing!


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