How to Withdraw Payoneer Funds Using JazzCash

Payoneer and JazzCash partnership means you can now make instant withdraw from JazzCash to bank account. Here’s how you do it.
instant withdraw

Payoneer and JazzCash have teamed up. Now what? As a freelancer or a user of Payoneer in Pakistan, how are you going to setup everything to smoothly receive your funds?

Let’s get the basics out first.

This awesome feature is available on iOS and Android users both! And, you need a Payoneer account and JazzCash account.

Sync Payoneer and JazzCash

  1. Download JazzCash App.
  2. Register your number on app to start the process.
  3. Once registration is complete and you have setup your MPIN, you are in effect, ready to sync Payoneer and JazzCash
  4. Tap on Payoneer Logo in the main dashboard of app.
  5. Link your Payoneer Account (this is assuming you already have a Payoneer Account)
  6. Sign-in using your username and password and wait for the sync confirmation.

Your basic setup to withdraw is complete at this point.

To withdraw money directly and instantly from Payoneer into your JazzCash account, you now need to follow the withdrawal procedure:

How to Make Instant Withdraw

Here’s how you withdraw money instantly from Payoneer to JazzCash and onwards into your personal bank account within the same hour.

Payoneer and JazzCash
payoneer and jazzcash
Instant Withdraw to JazzCash
Payoneer to JazzCash

  1. Open JazzCash App
  2. Select Payoneer
  3. Insert the amount you want to withdraw (your Payoneer balance should be visible on the top). The amount you will insert here will be in the currency your Payoneer amount is in. You should see the conversion amount in Red ink giving you an exact idea about the amount that you will receive in JazzCash account.
  4. Hit the transfer button.
  5. Review the transfer details and confirm via MPIN or Touch ID.

Your amount should be in your JazzCash account within few minutes if not instant. Please know that there is a transaction fee of 2% and the minimum you can withdraw is $1. You can see more charges here. Once this process is complete, you may withdraw this amount via ATM Card if you already have the JazzCash VISA debit Card. If not, you can order one for RE 1/- Promo Offer (regular cost: PKR 599/-)

On the other hand you can also transfer amount into your/anyone’s bank account.

Transfer Money From JazzCash to Bank Account

JazzCash to Bank Account
Transfer Money
Instant Withdraw
JazzCash to Bank Account
  1. Select first option of “Send Money”
  2. Select the third option; Bank.
  3. In the below fields add the phone number of person you are sending the money to.
  4. Select Bank Name.
  5. Insert Account number
  6. Type in the amount you wish to send and see the fee charges right there. Press the yellow button to move to next screen
  7. Verify the information and confirm by typing your MPIN. Hit the yellow check-marks

And that’s how you send the money from JazzCash to bank account; your own or someone else’s.

However, if you feel you don’t want to bring JazzCash into your life, and still wish to withdraw your money from Payoneer into your bank account, then watch this how-to video and start the process. Just know that it takes a few days for the money to arrive in Pakistan.

If you are new to Payoneer, you can read this review and see if its something you want or not.

And just an FYI, JazzCash is not the only mobile wallet in Pakistan that allows direct deposit and withdrawal from bank account, all mobile wallets allow it.



  1. Hello i link jazz cash in payoneer – and i withdraw 110$ from payoneer to jazz cash – payoneer confrimation message successfully send 110$ to jazz cash account but i did not recived 110 $ in jazz cash account – what is the problem ???

  2. HI
    I need to know that if I can attach someone else jazzcash account to my payoneer account. Means account holder name should be same for payoneer and jazzcash or I can attach some other jazzcash number and namr with payoneer registered number and name?
    If you got my question please answer. thanks

  3. Hi I want to knw about the maximum amount transfer from payoneer to jazzcash at a time. can i withdraw $600 in one time transaction?

  4. Iam facing this issue on Jazzcash Application “It looks like you’ve already submitted your Payoneer application.
    To log in to your account please click here.
    If you are unable to access your account, please contact our Customer Support department”
    Now what should i do.

  5. Me converted my euro currency to usd and now its again showing zero balance in my account. I think my request is under review? How much it takes time? I am scared

  6. I m impressed boss your article is very helpful great job your article make my mind clear stay blessed

  7. Hi,
    I have an issue.
    I have some balance in my payoneer account, but jazzcash app always show 0.00$ balance.
    what’s the solution??.

  8. On 29 and 30 Jun 2020, Jazz Cash transferred my money one Million USD from Payoneer account to My Jazz Cash account but money was not delivered to me for withdrawal. How can I get my money,

  9. Hello. My jazzcash account is link to payoneer account.
    Now i withdraw a balance through jazzcash.
    “But always facing this message, that your request cannot be serviced due to some technical reasons. Please try after a few moments”
    Please help

  10. Does this work only with US$ balance in Payoneer or we can also withdraw other balances i.e. Euro or GBP etc.

        1. Why disappointing? Just move your money between your currency accounts in Payoneer and withdraw… simple enough! What more do you want?

          1. how to move between currency accounts? you mean to convert pounds to dollars? isnt there any way that app shows pounds option as well.

          2. Okay – So first thing is to try and use Help Articles that EVERY service offers for free. Below are the steps that you should attempt via Website.

            1. Sign in to your Payoneer account and click Manage Currencies.
            2. Choose the relevant balances and enter the amount that you wish to transfer or receive.
            3. Click on Get Rate to calculate the transfer amount based on the current market rate and including our fee.
            4. Click on SUBMIT to transfer the money between your balances and receive your requested currency.

            And please don’t spam using different Names and Emails.

  11. hye Zahra !
    I read this article and comments you answered too.
    i have an issue with my jazzcash app when i start to transfer my funds from payoneer to jazzcash they redirected me to payoneer login page . After entering my credential they shows a popup message that you already connected to jazzcash and after that nothis seems there..

  12. I want to know quickly that how much charges when I transfer $600 from payoneer to jazcash. Should I do 2 transaction of 300 to avoid tax. I listen that received 5000pkr then the tax will be applied but not confirmed. Can you guide me?

  13. when i try to topup on mobile then it gives error “Your request cannot be serviced due to some Technical reasons.” I tried many times…reinstalled mobile app….but still same problem. any solution please.

  14. Great article, but I’m facing some issue I’ve linked my payoneer to jazz cash but jazz cash showing 0$ to your payoneer account, idk why this happening maybe because my funds are in pounds in payoneer…
    Does it effects??

    1. Thanks Areeb! Yes, that can happen because Jazz probably thinks that Payoneer is all about USD and has no clue how many more accounts are available in 1 single Payoneer account. Okay, so you will have to contact Jazz and explain to them and see what they say, because for now I believe Jazz is all about the USD Payoneer account.

  15. Need Help
    My amazon associate account link to Payoneer & Payoneer Account link to Jazz Cash If any customers buy this product from my amazon associate account through this link Can I withdrew my commission amount to jazz cash ?
    & How much charges deduct
    Please Let Me Know

    1. Sending money outside of Pakistan is generally not allowed. So no, jazzcash would never allow it either. And its not JUST jazzcash… no mobile wallet allows it.

  16. Me 1 week say try kar raha hon account link b ho gya haim..lekin jab peymant transfer krta hon to agye ye msg a jata hai…
    .””your request cannot be serviced due to some technical reasons. please retry after few moments.””
    Or phiry mery mobile par ye msg a jata hai….
    . “” ##missing ‘Transaction.ServiceName’## is not allowed to this customer. Please contact 1344 for help.””
    Please koi help kardy me boht pareshan hon… Helpline par call karta hon to wo kehty hain koi masla nahi app k account me.
    .. 03074004036 WhatsApp…
    [email protected]
    Please help me…. Thanks in advance.

    1. I want you to try uninstalling the app from your device and then reinstalling it. If you have done this. Then use another phone to signin and then try from that. Also ell helpline number to unlink you payoneer account.

      1. The same issue in my case, meantime my Payoneer account balance is deducted every trasnsition but not transfer in my jazz cash account, with the same error above already mentioned by Aleeza,
        How can I get my deduction amount and also I have not received yet TID, for tracing purposes of this.
        Already complained to Jazz cash but no luck.
        @zarah kindly share your verdict on this known issue.

  17. very helpful article.

    i want to know that how i remove my payoneer link from jazzcash. because i want attach another payoneer account with my jazzcash. is it possible? Please guide me.

    Thank you

    1. Hmm – perhaps get another jazzcash number? :/ Or change your Payoneer password… Maybe the app will ask you to link it again and then you can link another payoneer account. You should, call helpline? These are mere suggestions of a writer :/ who’s iOS app still doesn’t show the Payoneer Link 🙁

  18. The charges are 2 percent of the total amount or 3 dollers per transaction
    I am confused
    For example I have 400 dollers to withdraw And I am level 2 jazz cash user
    What will be the charges either
    3 dollers or 8 dollers (according to 2 percent)

    1. You really need to check it within the app and then see the result. Acc to JC:

      What are the charges for the withdrawal?
      Payoneer charges a standard fee of 2% per withdrawal. No charges are incurred on transferring the amount into JazzCash

    1. Try restarting app few more times and then try again in few days. According to JC they keep experiencing bugs and are removing them. So its a learning curve for everyone.

    1. You cannot load funds into payoneer from JazzCash. Its very difficult to remit money outside PK. That is how things work here in PK. You can bring in money… and that’s what the guide is about (via Payoneer & JazzCash partnership)

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