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Legit and official device accessories are scarce in Pakistan so here is a list post to guide you to buy original peripherals for your tech collection!
device accessories

Device accessories are easy to purchase but the poor quality available in Pakistani market makes it a hard-to-find object.

The demand for official device accessories of Apple or Samsung, or even RavPower are quite high because they are of greater quality and undeniably make our lives easier.

On the other hand, several shops and online store offer to sell power cables, chargers, wires, earphones, USB hubs for such a low cost that people generally opt to buy from them. And hence we find ourselves at the cross-roads of which store to buy from as everyone claims to be selling the official or legit product.

In this guide, we will list the best online stores in Pakistan that you can approach for shopping new, high-quality, and original device products.

Official Device Accessories Stores in Pakistan

Please know that at the time of writing these were all checked and verified by us, so if at a later point you find them to be selling rip-offs, just let us know and we’ll verify the case and remove them from this list.

So let’s begin!


Allmytech is an online shopping platform that is available in Karachi alone. It sells a wide range of electronics and device accessories from numerous brands, like Sony, JBL, Beats and Anker. Examples of these products include phone cases, screen protector, headphones, charging cables and charger, bluetooth products, selfie stick, speaker, tablet accessories like pen, sleeve and a lot more.

To use Allmytech, you can either register for free or direct shop as a guest. Further, you can pay for your purchases using bank transfer or cash-on-delivery. Take note, however, that you will get discounts on all purchases that exceed Rs. 1,000 when you opt for bank transfers. Also, they offer other sales on their products when you review their services.

They deliver nationwide!


Similar to the one above, Dablew is another reliable online device accessory store that caters to your love for legic product.

It offers a wide range of brands, including Blitzwolf, Minix, MPOW, QCY, Rhinoshield, SoundPeats, Torras, Tronsmart, RavPower, Anker and UAG.

You can shop by device or category, and be at ease about the product genuiness.

To purchase from Dablew, you can either shop directly as a guest or register on the website. It provides numerous payment options, including Bank Transfer, EasyPaisa, Cash-on-Delivery, Bykea Cash, JazzCash, OmniCash, and Western Union.

Finally, Dablew provides tools for you to track your orders via a website. Delivery is nationwide.

Xiaomi Store

At Xiaomi Store, you can buy smartphones, cameras, adapters, watches, charger, Home and other electronics/accessories that Xiaomi sells.

The best part is each product you purchase from this store has a limited warranty which covers the repair and replacement costs your device might incur. However, as a limited warranty, there is a time period when this applies. Beyond this, you will have to pay for such costs from your pocket.

By the way, you can buy from Xiaomi store from anywhere in the world but ship only within Pakistan.

ZAH Computers

As the name suggests, ZAH Computers is an electrinics only store that caters to the devices.

They sell computers, laptops, TV sets, smart watches, gaming consoles, and several device accessories. They are a bit dedicated to gamers and hence other than the consoles, they sell gaming chairs and desks as well.

Further, the store offers nationwide delivery and has a lowest price challenge too.

ZAH Computer offers a 3-month warranty for open box goods and one month warranty for used goods. Also, you can pay for your purchases through bank transfer or cash-on-delivery. And in situations where you are not satisfied with the delivered product, ZAH Computers offers a five-day return policy.

Rebel Tech

Rebel Tech sells very high-end devices and accessories.

Their website is not very updated so make sure you give them a call and ask if they have items available or not.

They sell mobile device, consoles, smartwatches, iPad, headphones, a number of bluetooth device, laptops and gaming accessories. However, unlike some of the aforementioned companies, Rebel Tech does not offer any warranty or a refund policy. Moreover, it services only a limited area only and delivers to Karachi alone.

However, you can pay for your purchases through a variety of payment methods, including bank transfer, cash-on-delivery, credit cards, and JazzCash.


Mistore is another top-rated store that offers high-quality device and accessories especially for Xiaomi brands

For all your smartphone purchases, this company offers Smartlink Technologies warranty, which extends for 36 months from the official purchase date. They have a 10-day replacement warranty and delivery is nationwide.

Furthermore, Mistore offers a range of payment methods, including cash-on-delivery, Keenu, and HBL. Also, it provides free delivery for purchases greater than Rs. 1,000.


Paklap offers a wide range of electronic devices and accessories, such as smartphones, laptops, camera, and gaming consoles. Take note, however, that the company is available to deliver to customers in Karachi and Lahore alone. And if you order early enough, you can receive your order on the same day you pay for it.

Paklap offers warranty for electronic devices. It also offers a seven day return policy for all its products. Additionally, the company accepts a diverse range of payment methods, including bank transfer, cash-on-delivery, credit cards, EasyPaisa, and JazzCash. The best part is you can pay in advance or at the time of delivery or even split the cost.

Finally, if you make purchases greater than Rs. 50,000, Paklap will ship your order for free.

Xcessories Hub

Xcessories Hub is an online store that sells electronics and device accessories to customers all over the country. Examples of these devices are smart watches, smart home gadgets, computer accessories, and mobile phone accessories, cable and charger, keyboard, USB cable, lightning wire, power banks, battery solutions, wireless charger and more.

Xcessories Hub accepts payment through bank transfer, cash-on-delivery, and Meezan Bank. It also offers limited warranty on some of its products.

Please be careful about using any website for purchasing items and never go with anything other than cash on delivery for the first 3 times.


Torumart caters to device accessories and other online electronics. Their products cut across every sub-category and include watches, camera, home and media gadgets, and accessories for mobile phones, tablets, computers, and cars, among others.

Torumart accepts numerous payment methods, including bank transfer, cash-on-delivery, ATM transfer, EasyPaisa, and other local methods apart from credit cards. Unfortunately, the store does not offer warranty for any of its products, although it offers exchange policy. So be careful.

By the way, Torumart provides a way for you to track your order status.

Whizz Tech Souq

Whizz Tech Souq is an online store that primarily offers its services in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Pakistan. It offers a wide range of products for sale, including automotive, office & supplies, gaming appliances, watches, cameras, electronic devices, and accessories etc.

Similar to the other stores above, Whizz Tech Souq accepts payment through bank transfer, cash-on-delivery, and credit card. Additionally, it offers a return policy for all defective packages you receive. So ensure that you return the package within seven days of receiving the package.

Shipping is nationwide!

And thats a wrap from us at TV PK. We know this isn’t a complete list and welcome your input on this. So hit the comments and tell your experience about these and don’t forget to mention your chosen spot to but device accessories, mobile phones, blutooth devices and other gadgets.

If you’re looking to buy Laptops in Pakistan, we have a separate listpost that you should look at.



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