How to Find Real Estate Properties Easily in Pakistan

Looking for a property in Pakistan? Here are a few good places on the web which offer real estate information on sale and rentals
Real Estate apps

Many people have started using real estate property portals to buy or sell their properties online. In the highly competitive world of online portal property listings, only a few listings flourish while others are left to die a natural death. Unfortunately, this is one of the drawbacks in most online property platforms.

However, some property portals in Pakistan have raised the bar by creating a mechanism that displays listings depending on search criteria rather than the age of the ad. We’ve collected some great real estate property portals which are easy to use and come with their own apps as well.

Below are some of the best real estate apps powered via full feldged portals in Pakistan that you can use to find properties to buy or rent in Pakistan.

1. Zameen

Zameen pakistan real estate portal is one of the leading property portals in Pakistan that allows you to buy and sell properties. You can also search for houses, plots, flats, and offices for rent or sale on this property portal. Even though the mobile app makes it easier for you to check for listings, the user interface of the app is not that simple.

2. ilaan

ilan real estate portal

Catering to Lahore only, ilaan is a premium property portal that has a wide range of property listings. Their mobile app is focused on empowering customers with all the information they need to reach a well-versed decision. ilaan helps consumers find their dream home as well as provide comprehensive research on the market. They do this by merging hundreds of properties with market data. It is a complete real estate marketplace where you can get your hands on all types of properties. No matter you are looking for houses for sale or rent, ilaan has it all.

3. Lamudi

Lamudi is a simple way to search for properties. It is one of the leading property portals in Pakistan. It has a large collection of listings including houses for sale, offices for rent, and others. It is mostly used by people to browse for offices. This real estate app allows you to view photos of properties in high-resolution. The web interface is fast and quite good.


4. Olx

Olx online rental marketplace

Although Olx is not specifically a property portal, it has a good collection of property listings across Pakistan. A lot of users use this portal to find properties, however, it is not as convenient as and other property portals are. Moreover, most of the listings are not verified and the prices are not accurate. It is mostly used as a method to advertise real estate businesses. As for the app; it is very distracting because it is bombarded with ads.

These are top real estate Android applications in Pakistan. Each of these has its own features and can be your best partner in finding your dream property. You can download any of these apps to get in touch with verified sellers and landlords. So, what are you waiting for?

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  3. I think you just forget to mention Gharbaar, which is also a property finding portal, there are a lot of housing societies, that are providing cheaper housing to its customers such as Blue World City, Capital Smart City etc.

    1. No we didn’t forget. Your website portal is empty, incomplete and has very few (3) listings in it. First fill up your portal and then reconnect again please

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