Best Fiber Connection Services in Pakistan

In comparison to 3G/4G, Fiber connection service is one of the best ways to save money where internet is concerned. Here is a list of 5 best fiber internet service providers in Pakistan
Fiber Connections in Pakistan

Are you sick of the broadband connection, broken lines, delayed deployment, trashy speed? Do you find 3G/4G to be faster and more effective but costly? Are you a victim of scammy awesome packages by supposedly great fiber connection services? Well then this article is made just for you.

In comparison to 3G/4G, Fiber connection is one of the best ways to save money.

Fiber Connection Service in Pakistan – Behind the Scenes

There are certain things that you should know before investing your money.

  1. Installation procedure can take up to 15 days max. This is due to the fact that PTA needs to approve every connection. Anyone delaying it more should be a sign of scam. Always ask what’s the ETA of deployment?
  2. The initial charges for registration can be a bit costly; think over PKR 8,000 to 15,0000 depending on the package you are registering.
  3. Most services offer a phone line and TV connection as well, so think well before investing. Ask loads of questions!
  4. Always call their UAN line at least thrice before signing up and ask many many questions, they should reply professionally.
  5. Always ask about taxes, full payment terms and which ways you can pay your bills.

Now for the list of best fiber connection service providers.


Covering 7 cities, StormFiber, offers Internet, Phone and TV connections via their Fiber optic and they are very reliable!

Their registration process is fairly streamlined and quick. They usually offering bundles, so inquire about those and ask about tax inclusive prices. Bundles include all their 3 services combined while you can also opt for just internet. Below are the rates of Internet

StormFiber Packages

  • 2 Mbps for PKR 1299
  • 4 Mbps for PKR 1499
  • 10 Mbps for PKR 1799
  • 15 Mbps for PKR 2499
  • 20 Mbps for PKR 2799
  • 30 Mbps for PKR 3799
  • 50 Mbps for PKR 5799 (You will need an added router)
  • 100 Mbps for PKR 9799 (You will need an added router)

These prices are without taxes so make sure you don’t get surprised when the invoice is generated.

Once you are a subscriber, you can easily make your payments via their online channel through your debit/credit card via their portal, in Faysal Bank via their special StormFiber deposit slip and Nayapay!


Available in just Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, Transworld is backed by an international network operator making them fairly renowned and trustworthy.

Transworld Packages

  • 20 Mbps for Rs 2500
  • 30 Mbps for Rs 3500
  • 50 Mbps for Rs 5000 (Single & Dual Band)
  • 70 Mbps for Rs 7500
  • 100 Mbps for Rs 11000

Instalment charges for 20, 30 and 50 Mbps are 12,000 while 50 Mbps Dual Band, 70, and 100 Mbps is 15,000.

Keep in mind these above charges are once again without taxes and the actual price to you in invoice would be different/more.

Transworld also offers TV packages. Their acceptable payment methods are Visa & MasterCards, EasyPaisa, JazzCash, HBL and KuickPay connecting Banks.

Do note, there is NO phone line… i think. Ask them. In fact, pretend you have not read this article and ask them these nagging questions. Make them calculate the tax amount and tell you 🙂


NayaTel is one of the biggest providers of FTTH in the region of Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad and Peshawar. They are mainly well known for their quality of customer service, which is something they work rigorously towards.

NayaTel Packages

They have confusing packages. Their speed offerings start from 8 Mbps and go up to 30 Mbps only. Their data is capped and you need to pick your city first in order to see packages.

Considering the speed options offered by StormFiber and Transworld, this is not really much, however, during off hours and the weekend you get unlimited downloads depending on the package of choice.

Once again, before investing/signing up, call and nag them about your questions. Ask them about Static IP, inquire about eFax service and calling rates and tell them to explain what is included in their value added services. For your info their VAS includes: Unlimited Bundle Plus, Auto Dialer, Kaspersky Total Security, and Parental Locking.

They accept payments via Credit or Debit card, EasyPaisa, JazzCash, Meezan Bank, and Habib Metro bank – they may add more services so its best to get accurate info by calling them.


Optix covers Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Rawalpindi for now and that too in selected areas only.

Their packages range from 2 Mbps to 100 Mbps with just Internet and Bundle pricing both. Bundle includes Internet, TV and Phone. There are some add-ons that you can buy like Static IP, additional TV and phone line.

Optix Packages

  • 2 Mbps for PKR 1350
  • 4 Mbps for PKR 1499
  • 10 Mbps for PKR 1999
  • 15 Mbps for PKR 2199
  • 20 Mbps for PKR 2599
  • 30 Mbps for PKR 3499
  • 50 Mbps for PKR 5799
  • 75 Mbps for PKR 7999
  • 100 Mbps for PKR 11999

Their payment options are UBL Omni, Online Payment via EasyPaisa, and Credit or Debit Card.

Parting Words

So that’s the round-up of best fiber connection services in Pakistan.

Why we haven’t mentioned PTCL? Erm… because they are DSL mostly or patchy Fiber at best.

Why we haven’t mentioned FiberLink? We think they should be sued for harassing consumers with their lies, fabrication and false advertising! Why we haven’t talked about WiTribe, well they closed up shop. Do you want to know about Connect or Wancom, well – we don’t think they’re any good either.

So… do you know about any other fiber connection provider in Pakistan which should be added/removed from our tiny list? Hit the comments.



  1. Transworld home & ptcl are fraud, there customer support don’t even mention you identity

    Ibaad Ali Hashmi most corrupt sale manager in transworld defence karachi branch

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