4 Reliable Cab Hailing Services in Pakistan

Public transportation has become a lot easier with cab hailing services in Pakistan. Here we are listing a few which are reliable to use
Reliable Cab Hailing Services in Pakistan

Thankfully, cab hailing services culture introduced back in 2016 in Pakistan in the form of Uber, Careem did not phase out.

In fact, other cab hailing services have made their way to Pakistan and eased public transportation, made them convenient and to great extend even odourless and just.

Best Cab Hailing Services

Read on to know the (very short) list of reliable cab services that are currently working in Pakistan.


Careem is available in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Hyderabad, Multan, Quetta, Sialkot, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Sargodah, Abbottabad and Mardan and more.

This taxi service is much more like Uber as it is also majorly operated by a mobile app (web portal exists too). However, it should be noted here that they have webportal as well.

Careem offers its cab hailing service in and between cities both. You can pay via cash, card or wallet. With Careem, users have the options of Bike, Riksha, Go mini, Go, and Business cars. There is Premium service which is all about booking the car for more than 5 hours. Kind of like your own person driver & car.

There is urgent delivery service, you can read more about that in our article on quick deliveries in city.

To book a ride, register/sign in, find your destonation and pick-up location, choose a vehicle type, select a payment option and press Chalo! Careem is available to use via iOS, Android and Web platform.

Careem functions as a super app also. They offer hyper delivery, as mentioned above, send & receive money, recharge and donations!

They have Indus Hosp, Citizen’s Foundation and Saylani on their app panel – where you can select yourself as the donor or give on behalf of someone else. Pyment method you can pick as card or careem credit.

Reliable Cab Hailing Services in Pakistan


Running stable since a while now in Pakistan, InDrive is sort of different.

The app removes the problem of cash or card and drop visibility. In fact, you get to pick the car, driver and even the fare!

Once you signup and want to book a ride, select you pick and drop and mention other things like wait time if any or if you require a car seat etc. The app will show you an approx charge and gives you a space to make an offer as well. Once you proceed with the request, you will get available options of cars which are ready to take you.

This screen shows you the car model, driver rating, picture, distance and the all important his counter offer of his charges. Here you can take your pick and the car will be on its way.

Payment is via cash only, there is no wallet system.

InDrive is available for intercity routes. and you can add additional stops for each ride so the fare is calculated accordingly.

Just to be clear, InDrive has bike, ricksha, with and without AC, courier (via ricksha, foot, bike as long as weight is not greater than 20kg) and freight.

Frieght is very new, and this section requires you to select several options in order to get you the right kind of truck.


Yango is available in Pakistan along with several other countries as a very good cab hailing services company

For now they are the most affordable ones around in Karachi city.

Their app is available on iOS and Android both and is fairly easy to use.

You signup, pick a spot where you want to go, add more stops if you want, and align a pick-up location.

Hit Request and they will find you a ride. Make sure to pick from economy, comfort (AC), bike and riksha types of vehicle.

There is no wallet system yet or card, just cash – but they are definitely a better choice these days!

The unique bit about Yango is that they are probably the first ones to realise that you may be booking for someone else and they have a solution for that! All you need is to connect your contacts, select the person’s name who will be taking the ride and thats all.


Never thought they would, but Bykea came around eventually and started to offer cars as well, hence they are now part of our cab hailing services list!

Its the same app.

Just open and pick Ride. Select mini car or AC car… if riksha and bike is not what you want. Select pick and drop locations and thats all.

If you are very new to Bykea, then you’ll notice carpooling option as well. Its on monthly basis. The hyper delivery still functions very well, the Mobiles section is self-explanatory. You pick a range, select a device and Buy now (with Pay later option of 50%

Once Rentals arena is open, we will update with what that is about.


Uber has packed their bags from Karachi, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Peshawar, and Multan – only available in Lahore.

Uber is next in line of cab hailing services in Pakistan. It is an internationally renowned company used for booking taxi rides via smartphone apps. To call a ride, simply register/sign-in, set a drop location and adjust your pickup location.

Uber offers Rickshaw/Auto, Mini and Go cars. There is tiny info symbol next to the car type which shows the charges and breakdowns.

Uber app is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone users. You pay via cash, card or UberPay (wallet)

Have you used any other cab hailing services which are worth mentioning? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Hi Everyone! There is also “TheMovers” online cab service is available in Pakistan. Also its Pakistan’s own project. You can see the user app here “https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.executiv.extacttravel” on play store. Kindly insert this ride hailing app in your content.

  2. Hey, Great article but the list can be updated as now there are many great ride hailing services in Pakistan, one of which is Rehbur. Do check their site as they have great services apart from only ride-hailing service like rental, outstation cabs, spot booking service and etc. If you do like the site and the live app on the store, do update your list and add it as this a Pakistani startup and I actually loved their service.

  3. Please update your website And add new company listing in your website.
    And Also add Buraak online cab service Because this is the biggest and the best company in Pakistan
    Am very thankfull to you.

    1. When your website links begin working, and you start services in all major cities of Pakistan, then we’ll add you. Till then… we suggest you work on your apps and bring them online and then do a survey asking 500 peaople in every city which service is best. Good day.

  4. A New comings TEZ CAR is as registered in pakistan under innovations software solutions (Pvt.) Ltd. and launching its services on 1st of September 2019. Please stay with TEZ CAR.

  5. Do check out Bykea as well. It’s not only a bike ride service, Bykea is offering many other services like Courier, food delivery, Bills payment, COD service etc. Everything is there in just one App. If you need more details, please let us know.

  6. boht outdated article ha uride 2017 me finish ho chuki thi paxi or shahi swari have failed miserably and Limofied ka to kisi ne name bi nhin suna. after careem n uber i only know icab pakistan that is working in 13 cities of pakistan and partners of multinational companies like travel jigsaw, booking.com, iway, rideways, intui, hoppa, rentalcars, suntransfers and providing all kinds of vehicles from 660cc cars to 61 seater coaster up to luxury cars like mercedes bmw limousines audi etc. please do some research before writing a article

  7. Well, how could you have missed out icab. Please check out and just google icab pakistan and you would find that on top of the list in terms of range and quality of services.

  8. Please check out facebook.com/roamerPakistan and roamer.pk . There are also a great and exciting startup from pakistan offering hourly car rentals. If you need more details, please let us know.

    1. Hi Sulaiman, Hope you’re doing great!

      Can you please connect me with the Marketing Department of Roamer.pk. I have something to discuss. Please email me at [email protected].

      Adnan Ahmed

  9. cab hailing services like Uber, Careem are doing great but both have non professional drivers and both have leggy UI. Now there’s a new player in the market named CARRUBA and i’m using their services and i loved it and most importantly they have less fare than its competitors.

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