Keenu Mobile Wallet Bridging Retail & Payment Gaps

If you’re looking to open a mobile wallet account, make sure you read our full in-depth review of Keenu Mobile Wallet.
Keenu Mobile Wallet

Keenu Wallet bridged the gap between retail stores and online payments and while doing so, created another avenue of mobile payments – of sorts.

Keenu Wallet works in several ways; you can pay for stuff via app, use special bar code at retail stores, move money between people, and even purchase useful things like bus tickets, travel insurance among several other things.

We’ll be reviewing the app and showing you what all Keenu Wallet can and cannot do.

Setting Up Keenu Wallet Account:

Keenu Wallet is designed for mobile use, hence you need to download the app from Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Keep in mind, you will need to select city and there are few cities available in the provided list, like even Swat/Mingora is not in the list.

Anyhow, once the app is downloaded, begin your signup.

  1. Enter your mobile number and verify it by the code they send you.
  2. Once your phone number is verified, give your name as per CNIC along with your CNIC.
  3. ID verification is important because Keenu Wallet is mobile wallet and everything they do is fully compliant with SBP. So make sure you are NOT fooling the system because it will be verified with Nadra.

Adding Money to Keenu Wallet

Adding money to your Keenu Wallet is easy:

  • Cash Deposit in Bank AL Habib. Deposit cash in a certain account mentioned in your app section: Add Money > Cash Deposit
  • Bank Transfer. Works in similar way. You need to make an online transfer or IBFT from your bank account to a certain Al Habib Account mentioned in your app section: Add Money > Bank Transfer.
  • Debit/Credit Card – Using any Union Pay or Visa/Master card, you can deposit up to PKR 5000 per transaction.
  • Topup Card – Apparently there are scratch cards that you can use, no one has really seen them, but hey, they exist according to them.
  • KuickPay – Adding money via ATM, mobile banking or internet banking is possible. Select KuickPay under Utility bills sections.

How Keenu Mobile Wallet Works

Keenu Wallet works in many ways.

Its essentially used for sending and receiving money quickly. If your Keenu wallet is funded with money, then you won’t need to keep cash around.

Some examples would be: You can walk into a retail outlet like Khaadi and choose to Tap n Pay for the purchases and not give out cash. Another example would be to purchase iTunes Store Card from Keenu App and not go to store for the same. A third example could be you paying your electrician by simply sending him the money from your Keenu Wallet to his (even if he doesn’t have the app or account), he can still get the money for his labour. A fourth example could be paying your landline bill or some other utility bill via the app.

Since the government is very much involved in approving and sanctioning businesses, authorities like CDC, FBR, SRB and SECP are also part of most apps. This essentially means you can pay the taxes via Keenu App. A great example would be you paying the tax amount levied by PTA for your newly registered SIM device.

These are just some examples out of several various scenarios in which this app will help you.

How to Use Keenu Wallet

To pay via Keenu Wallet, you need to scan the QR Code at the checkout counter of stores through the Keenu Wallet Account App.

There is no shame in asking for help if you get confused or need assistance with it.

A valid point to note is that before you set out to make purchases via Keenu, you should open the app and tap the icon “Keenu Stores” to see which retailers and outlets carry the facility of paying via Keenu. A good example would be McDonalds; KFC yes, is a part of Keenu, but not McDonalds. Similarly Pizza Hut is not part of Keenu, but Domino’s is.

So always double check the store/outlet/retailer before making plans… otherwise you are in for a disappointment.

Where you Can Use Keenu Wallet

Keenu Mobile Wallet has partnered with several stores and services. But the way to use is to have money in the Keenu Wallet Account.

  • Taxes
    • FBR, SECP and SRB
  • Utility Bills
    • Electricity, Gas, Water, Landline
  • School fee
    • Beaconhouse, Hamdard
  • Internet Bills
    • WiTribe,
  • Online Shopping Store
    • Daraz, HumMart,
  • Prepaid Vouchers
    • Mobile Vouchers for Ufone, Telenor,
    • Gift Vouchers for Xbox USA Live, Amazon USA, PlayStation USA,
  • Tickets
    • Travel Insurance via SmartChoice
    • Bus Tickets
      • Daewoo Express, Skyways,
    • Movie Tickets (Make sure you select your city via pin on top right corner of app and then proceed with ticket purchase)

Limitations of Keenu Mobile Wallet

Have you noticed that there are stores that offer online purchase via website and apps but the mode of payment is cash on delivery only? California Pizza is one of them.

If you are thinking Keenu Wallet will bridge this gap for you, then no. Keenu Wallet is not going to bridge all gaps between brick n mortar outlets and payments. Keenu will only bring it closer… but not actually bridge it.

Ordering food and paying online is best done by Food Panda, albeit a few spoonful missing here and there is a high possibility.

You can send money to everyone but, cannot pay online for retail merchandise. You cannot get discounts, but you can get cashback. Your cashback cannot be used anywhere but via Keenu only and for a limited time.


Our final thoughts on Keenu Mobile Wallet is mostly good. We have used it a few times and apart from rare glitches, the wallet does what it promises. The mobile apps are solid, they don’t crash as much as they could, and the developers sure keep them updated with bug fixes. If you’re still unsure about Keenu, then perhaps you need to go and visit them or email them at: [email protected]

Some parting thoughts, Keenu is a Digital Wallet application, introduced by Wemsol Private Limited. So … now you know who owns them.


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