Extend Your School Learning Experience with Edmodo

Schools sometimes send across work on Edmodo and Students and Parents wonder how they are to navigate. Here is a very basic guide to get you started.
Edmodo Classroom Management

This how to guide is being penned because of a possible pendemic, but really Edmodo is something all parents and students should anyway know how to operate.

Basics of Edmodo

Edmodo is a classroom management tool which is for students, parents and teachers. The tool is free. It is accessible via website on laptop or desktops and on mobile devices running iOS and Android platforms.

For Teachers/Institutes

Edmodo is an ideal tool for schools and institutes because teachers can upload class materials, give homework, send messages to streamline school work remotely.

For Students

If your school or tutor is using Edmodo to facilitate learning, we suggest you don’t hesitate and learn your way as soon as possible. This management tool is build keeping in mind distant learning.

Once your teacher posts homework, you can view, save/download, reply, and submit the work all from your digital portal.

For Parents

And yes, Edmodo is for parents too! As a caretaker you are given access to your child’s account so you can see the progress s/he is making in the school. You can also message teachers directly via your Parent access.

How to Use Edmodo As a Student

You log in using the ID and Password provided to you, if you don’t have it, ask the school or simply create your own ID and ask the school to join you in the classroom.

There is a high chance that if your child’s school is using Edmodo, then they already have classes and sections set up to send homework, messages and other learning material. If this is the case, you need to find your class and section to see the happenings of the classroom.

The best way to learn using Edmodo is by seeing videos. But before you begin, know that in your child’s dashboard, the left panel is for classes, groups to join, parent access code and your child’s profile access.

The top bar running horizontal will have the main menu for Home, Classes, Planner, Back Pack, Discover and Messages. If at any point you lose your way and don’t know what is happening, just press the Home on main menu so you can begin your quest again.

The right panel is for upcoming assignments if any.

Main Dashboard

The home or main dashboard is where everything latest is showing up. If you are aware of how Facebook works, you know that the Edmodo dashboard is working in similar ways.


This is useless. A tab like classes works best if you are enrolled in several learning institutes and are part of various classrooms simultaneously.

Essentially classes will show you how you can navigate from one classroom to another and how much you are scoring in your grades


This is where everything is happening.

Planner showcases the assignments, messages from teachers and all the latest uploads your teachers are sending across.

You yourself can create a task too, but this is for more advanced users who know what they are doing.

To switch between the upcoming and completed assignments, click on their relevant name to see. If you want to view what the assignment is, bring your mouse curser to hover over the one you wish to see, and click on it. Additionally, you can click where it says “open”.

Your next screen will show you the space where you can submit the assignment files and also view what the teacher has sent across. So while the main area is about submission, the right thin panel is about the instructions sent to your class. If there is an attachment, you can open it by clicking. Once the file opens, you can proceed to save it by downloading and even printing (both buttons for this are on the right side of opened file).

You can see the video (without Audio) tutorial below:


The next useful button is Messages.

Your child/student can use the messaging tab to have a private conversation with teachers/staff (provided there are any).

Calendar Tab

The calendar tab sits on the right panel stuck to the right side of screen but when you hover over it you will see its really a Planner.

Click on it, and see why its actually a calendar.

Calendar tab is best for an overview to see what urgently needs your attention and what you can put off for tomorrow.

And that’s a wrap of the guide. There are few things to keep in mind; Edmodo is free. You can download iOS version and download Android version.

Its best to submit assignments via main website because the full version is easy to navigate and you are less likely to make errors especially if you are a newbie.

If you want to know how Edmodo is bringing innovation to classes, we have covered the review for you. If you are a teacher and want to get your classroom management skills to the next level or want to get your students to enrol in language learning, we have some great suggestions.


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